Net.Tv : Indonesian Local Channel

Net.TV is one of my favorite local channels. May 18, 2014 was the celebration day of one year Net.TV. On that day, presented the prestigious event with local artists and international artists such as Raisa, Afgan, Ne-Yo, Iwan_false etc . It was amazing event, that did re-run a week later.

This Channel is different from other channels because the concept is cool. This channel really recommended for those who need a quality TV program. I hope this channel retains the concept.

Although I rarely watch TV. Just watch as weekend or evening on weekdays, I often watch “ Program” on “Youtube”.
My favorite programs are Sarah Sechan, Breakout, Entertainment News, Indonesia Morning Show, Weekend List, Satu Indonesia, i-Look, Music Everywhere, Ini Talkshow, and musical event that aired every monday night (usually its exclusive)

Sarah Sechan is a reality show hosted by Sarah Sechan own. Sarah Sechan is a well-known presenter in Indonesia. The concept is cool, which is Ok presenter and creative team is able to make this program a reality show that is classy and fun. This program aired on Weekdays 7pm to 8 pm

“Breakout” is music program present best songs from local and international. It hosted by energic presenter Sheryl and Boy William. Both of them really made me jeolous because of their talent.
They can make this program so cool because they often cover songs requested by fans or their own or by creative team. I like some songs covered by them. it aired on Weekdays 4pm to 5pm

There are alots of quality TV Program that can we watch on this channel. If you don’t have to watch this TV program on Television, U can watch online in Youtube. Just text the keyword and U will find that program.

SO for Indonesian people, You are lucky , because there is a quality local Channel Now