My Fair Lady


My Fair Lady is Korean Drama which was released 4 years ago. I am curious to watch this drama, because one of local channel re-run this drama. When I watch this on that channel, make me want to know the next episode until last episode. So I search in Youtube, and I found it. I watch online till I forget the time. I have already finished watching this drama 

There are 16 episodes which each episode lasts + 45 minutes. It tells about love story of Kang Hae Na, the heiress of KangSan Group,her grandfather’s company in Korea. She falls in love with her Butler, Seo Dong Chan. The drama also tells about the changes of Hae Na. Because of Butler Seo’s support a childish Hae Na has been growing become mature lady that can lead her grandfather’s company.
Like some Korean Drama, the love story which is told in this drama is complicated. At the first part in this drama we can see that Hae Na always conquer with Seo, but they always need each other. Seo helps Hae Na to get dating with an attorney, Lee Tae Yoon. Seo also helps Hae Na to does great things for her grandfather’s company.

When Hae Na realized that the true feeling is for Seo, it becomes complicated ones. Hae Na wants to throw away everything for being Seo’s side, but Seo afraids that Hae Na will get hard life if he let Hae Na come to him. So he tries to hide his true feeling and go away from Hae Na’s life. But it doesn’t work . he can’t hide their true feelings and decide to get Hae Na’s grandfather permission.
Hae na’s grandfather doesn’t give his permission for Hae Na and Seo ‘s relationship. Her grandfather’s illness makes Hae Na break her relationship up with Seo. We can see at final episode of this drama, Hae Na tries to make her grandfather happy, but she can’t hide that her happiness is Seo.

So she decides to go abroad and forget everything. Before go to the airport, she calls Seo but he doesn’t answer it. So Hae Na sends a message that her true happiness Is Seo. When Seo hears that, he goes to the airport and doesn’t let Hae Na goes abroad.
It is a happy ending drama, they live together. 