What If –Colbie Caillat

Yesterday i have finished watching Letters to Juliet movie. A beautiful love stroy i think 🙂

this movie tell how a old woman find her true love at her old is not young again.but not about her love that interesting in this movie…but the love of young girl who really help the old woman to find her true love…

the young girl Sophie find her true love too with old woman’s grandson…
and want to know more u can watch this movie….

not just about the story this movie has a beautiful soundtrack like What If– Colbie Caillat
here is the lyric

what if we were made for each other
born to become best friends and lovers
i want to stay right here
in this moment with you
over and over and over again

what if it could be a real love
a love a love yeah
i don’t know what to think
is this real or just a dream

in my heart is where u ll be
i’ll keep waiting till we made

i write our names down in the sand
picturing all our plans
i close my eyes and i can see
you and you ask “will you marry me?”
is it made up in my mind
am i crazy just wasting time?

i think this could be love
i am serious