Knight and Day Movie

Actually when i saw the trailer last week makes me want to watch this movie soon. 2 days ago i with my pals after attending a wedding party want to watch this movie. but when we arrived at the cinema the seat was full(i mean its not full but just in 2 line front was empty) and my pals don’t want to watch if they sit there.

so yesterday i invite my college friends to watch this movie, how lucky i am she want to watch it too. but when we arrived at cinema we get seat in second line, but its okey because i really want to. finally i watch this movie hehehehehehhehe

Knight and Day is comedy action starring a handsome actor Tom Cruise and a beautiful actress Cameron Diaz.

The story begin when Roy Miller(Tom Cruise) and June(Cameron Diaz))met accidentally in the airport. June fall in love at the first time with Roy, and she fall in love in wrong time it caused she trapped in the scream flight with Roy.

The situation increasingly chaotic when many people want to steal the powerfully battery from Roy and it makes June and Roy must fistfight with the bandit….and want to know more watch the movie 🙂