Millennium: The follow-up album 1999-2000


On May 18, 1999, the Backstreet Boys released the albumMillennium”, which sold over 1.13 million units in its first week, setting, at the time, a record for first week sales,until April 2000, when ‘N Sync‘s second album, “No Strings Attached sold 2.4 million units in its first week. The album also recorded the most sales for an album’s second and third weeks. Rolling Stone reports that sales might have been bigger if some stores had not run out of CDs. The album dominated the worldwide charts, landing at the #1 spot in 25 nations. It was certified 11 times platinum on December 22, 1999, and went on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide.The first single “I Want It That Way” was a significant hit, reaching the #1 spot in over 18 countries. In addition to receiving gold and platinum awards in 45 countries, the band’s second album was nominated for 5 Grammy Award‘s including Album of the Year. In August, the Backstreet Boys sold out a 39-city tour in less than a day, selling over 765,000 tickets in a matter of hours, prompting additional shows in many markets and shattering a number of box-office records selling out all 53 concert dates of their Into The Millennium Tour which kicked off in September.The tour drew over 2 million fans, breaking the record for largest indoor audience.

In 2000, the Backstreet Boys graced the pages of the new millennium’s first issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Burger King made a deal with the boys for tour sponsorship, videos, and CDs with unreleased live tracks that were available for sale at Burger King restaurants in August and September. In February, Littrell and Richardson confirmed their engagements to their fiancees.

Track Listing of Album Millenium :

1. Larger Than Life

2. I Want It That Way

3. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

4. It’s Gotta Be You

5. I Need You Tonight

6. Don’t Want You Back

7. Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

8. The One

9. Back To Your Heart

10. Spanish Eyes

11. No One Else Comes Close

12. The Perfect Fan